We accept in faith the revelation of God, given in the scriptures of the Old and New Testaments. We here explicitly assert the doctrines we regard as crucial to the understanding and proclamation of the Gospel and to practical Christian living:

We believe in:

  ✢ The supreme authority, love, and grace of God, the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit in creation, providence, revelation, redemption and final judgment.

  ✢ The divine inspiration of the Holy Bible and its entire trustworthiness and authority in all matters of faith and conduct.

  ✢ The value of each human being as created by God. The universal sinfulness of humanity since the fall, which alienates all of us from God and subjects all to condemnation.

  ✢ The full deity and humanity of the Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, whose sacrifice, in our place, is the only ground of redemption from the guilt, penalty and power of sin.

  ✢ The complete acceptance and forgiveness of the sinner by the grace of God through faith alone in Christ crucified and risen from the dead.

  ✢ The illuminating, regenerating, indwelling and sanctifying work of God the Holy Spirit in the believer.

  ✢ The church as set forth in the New Testament and understood historically by the Baptist community.

  ✢ The expectation of the visible return of the Lord Jesus Christ, our participation in the resurrection, and the promise of eternal life.

Adopted May 14 2014