Preamble:  Membership in Comox Community Baptist Church (CCBC) is a voluntary association that includes benefits and privileges, but also one in which each member has certain obligations and responsibilities as a follower of our Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore each member of this church body freely affirms the following Covenant and upholds also the CCBC Statement of Faith, Constitution and Bylaws.

We, in the presence of God and those gathered here, confess Christ as our Saviour and Lord, and heartily give ourselves to His service, and take His Word as the rule of our life. Having been united by faith to Him, we also recognize His calling to be part of His Body, the church, and as the Church of Christ, we voluntarily unite with one another in this Covenant.

We have been called together to exalt the Lord and so we shall participate regularly in the public corporate worship of God and in the celebration of the Ordinances of the Lord's Supper and Believer's Baptism.

We have been called together to nurture one another in God's love. We shall walk together in love and shall make every effort to have unity with one another. We shall support the various ministries of the church, both prayerfully and financially. We shall prayerfully seek the guidance of the Lord in matters of congregational government.  

As Christ's disciples, we shall abide in Him through prayer, reading of scripture, and obedience. We shall live out what our baptism signifies: our death to sin and our rising to resurrection life in Christ. We shall live upright and godly lives in our community, church, and homes. We shall pass our faith on to our children and to the children of the church family. We shall discern, develop, and use our gifts and abilities in ministry to others. 

We have been called to share the Good News of God's gift and to love and care for all people.  We shall, through prayer, example, and word, share our faith with others, all to the glory of God.

Adopted August 13 2014